• Our History
    • Tulsa Country Club has a unique heritage and one that is connected more to the city of Tulsa than any other private club! The Club's vast history is a great sense of pride for the members of the Club. A summary of our Club's history is detailed below.
      More than a century ago, when Tulsa was nothing more than a 10,000-plus-population town finding its way in the oil-boom craze, Tulsa Country Club was founded to provide citizens and guests with big-city charms in the beautiful Osage Hills landscape.

      Now known for its spectacular downtown views, a nationally recognized golf course, elegant and casual dining options, an array of sports activities and a history that tells the story of Tulsa, Tulsa Country Club (TCC) has helped make Tulsa T(ee)-Town.
      The club has hosted numerous national tournaments on its greens and has seen greats such as Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Miller Barber and Bill Mehlhorn tee off.
      For more than 100 years, members have been making the 150-plus acres along West Edison Street and North Union Avenue their second home — and why wouldn’t they? With family activities, social events, sports tournaments, swimming, dining and more, TCC strives to provide an atmosphere of casual elegance for all its members and guests.
  • The Early Years
    • In 1908, Tulsa Country Club was founded on land leased from the Kennedy family for a yearly fee of $4 an acre. A nine-hole golf course was built with holes named Profanity Creek, Climax, High Ball and Outward Bound. These clever and quirky labels became legendary among golfers of the era, who also had to contend with hazards such as Kennedy’s dairy cows.

      A fire in 1916 destroyed the log cabin where members gathered. A new clubhouse opened the following year.
  • Growth and Change
    • The 1920s brought considerable change to the club. Renowned golf course architect A.W. Tillinghast was hired to design a new 18-hole course, with grass greens replacing sand greens. In 1935, the addition of a swimming pool expanded the services provided to golfers’ families. A decade later, the addition of a dining room and cocktail lounge added even more amenities for members. A new clubhouse was built in 1968 on North Union Avenue to accommodate the club’s growth.
  • Greens in Need
    • In 1988, the golf course underwent a renovation headed by Tulsan Jay Morrish. The refurbishing resulted in greater recognition and prestige for Tulsa and club members. Morrish’s work brought notoriety to the club, with the U.S. Golf Association hailing the work as “one of the best jobs ever.”
  • Mastering the Field
    • Approaching its centennial, Tulsa Country Club underwent a thorough review process to create a master plan that would improve the clubhouse, swimming pool and golf course. In 2007, a new resort-style pool complex was completed, followed by pool locker rooms and a café a year later.

      Acclaimed golf course architect Rees Jones signed on to rejuvenate the club’s course. This project created new green complexes, tees, bunkers and fairways; state-of-the-art irrigation; additional ponds and water features; and enhancements to the overall design of the Tillinghast course.

      After finalizing the course redesign plans, the club’s board set its eyes on enhancing the clubhouse and hired Tom Hoch, one of the most respected clubhouse designers in the country, for the renovation. Hoch put in place a plan to allow for the clubhouse to be renovated while staying within the footprint of the existing facility. The first phase of the renovation is complete. Two more phases will follow.
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