The Tillinghouse

One of the most historical buildings in Tulsa, Tulsa Country Club's Tillinghouse serves up the best burgers in town! Conveniently located between the front and back nine, The Tillinghouse offers the perfect setting to take a break from the course, relax on the deck overlooking the signature sixth hole or simply to grab a snack. Members are able to intercom in from four adjacent holes to put in their order and when they arrive, their food, drinks and snacks will be ready so they can move on to the next hole.

Golfers can dine-in, relax on the patio overlooking the water or grab a snack and get back on the course. While famous for their burgers, there are plenty of options available for a mid-round bite. Full bar services are available.
Tulsa country club
701 North Union Avenue. Tulsa, OK 74127
Phone: 918.585.8151
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