Junior Golf

Our Junior Golf Program is something we are very proud of at Tulsa Country Club. The philosophy of our program is to introduce our junior players to this great game, a game they can play for a lifetime and teach them the fundamentals of the golf swing.

Our program has four objectives.

  1. To teach the juniors the fundamentals of the golf swing. As the juniors get older, stronger and bigger, their golf swing will change but their fundamentals will not.

  2. To teach the basic rules of golf, proper etiquette and how to care for the golf course.

  3. To develop balance, coordination and flexibility with various activities within our Junior camps. We believe that many other sports activities and movements help young juniors develop their golf skills.

  4. Most importantly, to have fun and enjoy this great game.

During the summer, we offer a one-week golf camp and additional junior days for those who want to continue throughout the summer. We offer junior lesson rates, and encourage the parents of juniors, who are ready, to take private lessons as well.
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